Rewarding top teams with an all-out wellbeing experience

Due to the nature of their daily work rhythms and goals, a "Big 4" professional services firm, a top multinational automotive manufacturer and a civil engineering company had key employees who were experiencing high exposure to stress. Since long term exposure to stress results in ill health and lower productivity, something had to be done.

De-stressing and proactively avoiding burnout

Ultimately employees need only one thing to perform their best - to be "well" and to feel "well", thus these three companies sought a solution that would have a proactive approach and help employees avoid burnout. They wanted their employees to de-stress and learn about stress resilience while also rewarding them for their hard work and dedication.

Main goals were to:

  • focus on general health and wellbeing
  • reward key performers and show them appreciation
  • raise employees energy and capacity levels to be more resilient to stress
  • increase motivation and efficiency
  • have team members bond outside the office

Stress out, energy in

Each company attended either a customised Recharge Programme or Above Team Building. Taking place far from the office on the peaceful Croatian coast and ranging from 3 to 5 days, these innovative programmes reward and recognise employees, improve morale, and focus on individual and team wellbeing.

Participants were upper management, various department heads and HR personnel whose roles shared similar characteristics such as being under continuous stress, high levels of responsibility, and feeling a sense of urgency to reach targets with tight deadlines.

Prior to the start of the programmes, participants were asked about what they wanted to address with regards to their personal and professional wellbeing. Their top requests were to have more energy, feel more relaxed, think more positive, and manage their stress better. A vast majority also indicated that they would like to be more effective, be more inspirational as leaders and feel that they contribute to an energising work environment.

Tremendously positive results - individual and team benefits

Each programme addressed their pre-defined personal and business goals while focusing on overall wellbeing. Using techniques and strategies originally developed by Above Academy, the teams learned how to:

  • increase personal energy and motivation levels
  • feel better, be less stressed and be more efficient but not enter the "red zone"
  • cope more effectively with challenges and stress

10 days post-programme participants provided feedback regarding their wellbeing status upon going back to their daily rhythm and implementing their newfound knowledge and tactics. Collectively, participants overwhelmingly achieved their pre-programme desired goals, and even experienced change in areas they didn't choose to focus on. For example having:

  • clearer thoughts
  • improved concentration
  • better communication

Coping more effectively with the day-to-day grind

Energy levels increased, tension was reduced and stress resilience improved. Employees and teams returned home happier, healthier and full of motivation.

Programme benefits

More energy
Better stress management
Clearer mind
More efficient
Improved concentration
Improved motivation
Better communication
* based on data collected from participants

"Taking a proactive approach in reducing stress, increasing motivation for work, and understanding some of the principles that lead to better health are just as helpfulĀ  personally as they are professionally. For this reason, I would certainly recommend the Recharge Programme to other companies that encounterĀ  stressful situations on a daily basis because I believe that this type of programme can bring very useful results for both companies and individuals in the short and long term."

Danijel Kusljic
Chief Operating Officer at Simplex
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