Investing in top performers with a return on health

A sixteen member sales team at a regional subsidiary of one of the world's largest multinational financial companies was expending vast amounts of personal energy to achieve results on a daily basis, thus affecting work-life balance, mental and physical wellbeing.

Crafting a full-circle, healthy impact reward programme

The company wanted to reward key performers for their performance and dedication while also investing in building a culture of health and wellbeing.

Dealing with stress, low energy levels and physical pain

Pre-programme interviews provided insight into the team's current state of wellbeing. What toll was their stressful, demanding role taking on them? They shared that they were struggling to achieve work-life balance. Searching further, their answers revealed that:

  • 94% of them have problems with constant fatigue and exhaustion and over two-thirds (67%) of them indicated that they don't want to feel so tired and tense.
  • 60% of them indicated they have physical pain (spine, neck, legs, arms, etc.) and 87% would like to increase their resilience to stress.

A personalised 3-day offsite (to experience measurable shifts and results) Recharge Programme implemented techniques and strategies, originally developed by Above Academy, that included objectives such as expanding energy, improving mental and physical health and improving stress resilience.

Thanks to specially selected accommodation in a relaxing location on the Croatian coast, the team felt genuinely appreciated and rewarded for their hard work and dedication.

Healthy team is a productive and energetic team

2 week post-programme feedback showed that 100% of the participants indicated that they have:

  • more energy
  • decreased tension
  • better stress management
  • increased efficiency and productivity
  • overall health improvement

94% of them achieved their goal of managing their work-life balance better.
Of those employees that reported a sleeping problem, 100% of them all started sleeping better during the three day programme and continued to do so 2 weeks later.

Good principles scale well in great companies

Back in the office, the participants together with the HR team transferred their newly learned know-how, knowledge and healthy tips to colleagues. Company-wide strategy of creating a healthy workplace was spread further, strengthened, and gained more momentum.

Programme benefits

More energy
Tension relief
Better stress management
Increased productivity
Better sleep
Better work-life balance
* based on data collected from participants

"Managing energy while considering psychological and mental resilience in our daily rhythm and environment is crucial for each of us to function, yet so little importance is given to it. This was a completely new programme for our company which left the participants speechless, in the most positive sense."

Krstinja Scepanovic
Deputy Executive HR Director at Societe Generale
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