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Happier, Healthier, More productive.

Team Building Like No Other

Above Team Building is designed to increase motivation and strengthen team bonds through a combination of fun, relaxing and educational activities that focus on raising health awareness and improving team morale.
Team up and build up

Programme benefits

Increased motivation
Better stress management
Healthy business lifestyle
Increased health awareness
Positive work environment
* based on data collected from participants

Above team building

Gather your team and rise above

When company culture centres around healthy habits, the whole business benefits. This team building programme is perfect for companies that invest in their employees and their wellbeing. Above Team Building encourages changes in lifestyle habits and promotes energising workplaces. Employees are more engaged and achieve better work-life balance.
Teams participate in various indoor and outdoor activities that include morning energy exercises, daily relax sessions, and an energy management workshop. Learning strategies to reduce stress, teams will experience enhanced wellbeing and be more productive. They return to work more resilient to stress, reinvigorated and with a fresh drive for the business.


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