Winding down the business, but not the motivation

HETA Asset Resolution, a wind-down company owned by the Republic of Austria, found themselves in a unique position. Due to business model, employees were to work as fast and as effectively as possible to reach company goals but the catch-22 was that the sooner employees achieved them, the sooner they would be involuntarily jobless.

Mission Impossible?

Despite being a shining example of taking care of people upon dismissal by providing excellent redundancy packages, HETA needed to address the many issues that arose as a result of the unique employment situation and work atmosphere, such as:

  • maintaining a high level of engagement in people who knew that the sooner they achieved results, their job was done
  • minimising anxiety and negative emotions related to existential issues and a decline in enthusiasm, motivation and efficiency
  • constant "layoffs" being part of the process - leading to a negative business atmosphere
  • an overall stressful work environment that contributes to health and wellbeing imbalances

The HR department was determined to go to great lengths in order to maintain a stimulating and positive atmosphere among all team members even though their termination would be inevitable. They decided to send teams to the Recharge Programme.  

Staying on track and keeping their eyes on the prize

A total of 43 personnel, including upper management and various department managers from Austria, were divided into several teams that got away from the everyday office routine and environment for 3-5 days. Recharge Programmes were held at specially selected hotels at various locations on the peaceful Adriatic Sea in Croatia.

Over a course of 18 months, the Above Academy team focused on achieving the stated goals by combining numerous activities, all of which focused on improving the wellbeing of individuals. Teams and individuals learned how to:

  • work more efficiently without entering the "red zone"
  • improve self-care and general health with specific tips and tricks
  • be aware of and deal more effectively with challenges and stress
  • boost their own personal energy on a daily basis and be an inspirational leader
  • positively contribute to an energising work environment

There was a particular emphasis on individual Capacity Coaching sessions throughout the programmes. These sessions were designed to help participants on an individual level to "stay on track" by resetting and raising personal morale and motivation levels. If leaders are upbeat and clear then they can pass a similar vibe onto other team members and contribute in a positive way to the culture and situation within the company.

Positive vibes rule, better stress management a close second place

Every group received a 10-day post-programme follow up. Results showed that participants significantly benefited and made improvements in previously defined parameters, such as:

  • feeling more confident in contributing to creating a positive working environment
  • having a more positive frame of mind and increased professional motivation
  • managing stress better and increasing their effectiveness
  • experiencing general health improvement
  • being more inspirational team leaders

On a more personal level they reported having more energy, being calmer, and experiencing tension relief.

A boost of confidence with a dose of health and wellbeing

Teams were given a boost in confidence and truly felt appreciated for their hard work. They also become aware of the importance of maintaining a positive workplace atmosphere despite the distinct challenges and continuous environment of change.

Armed with knowledge and tips to optimise health and wellbeing in all areas of life, they returned to work ready to carry on.

Programme benefits

Increased confidence
Better stress management
Improved motivation
More energy
Feeling calmer
Tension relief
Increased effectiveness
* based on data collected from participants

"Managers usually work under pressure. During busy and stressful times, we pay less attention to living a balanced life. Above Academy's unique Recharge Programme provides not only several days fully focused on resting, relaxing and energising the body and mind in a marvellous environment but also shows the way to an enriched quality of life."

Bela Csaki
Chief Executive Officer, HETA Asset Resolution
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