Recharging a key performing team with wellbeing in mind

The Serbian branch of OTP Bank, one of the largest independent financial services providers in Central and Eastern Europe, wanted to reward 32 key performers for their hard work and commitment while also investing in creating a healthy workplace.

The ideal solution would focus on healthy business habits

Pre-programme interviews were conducted to understand the team's current state of wellbeing. Employees shared that they were struggling with emotions such as feeling insecure, nervous, and impatient when communicating and solving problems.

Their answers further revealed that 56% of them felt tension and 75% were feeling exhausted and fatigued. They wished to have more energy, be more positive, and be calmer.

Minimal distractions in a peaceful seaside environment

Divided into two smaller, equal groups of 16, ten members of the Above Academy team worked with each group combining group activities with individual coaching.

Customised 3-day Recharge Programmes were held offsite to minimise distractions, encourage natural engagement and experience measurable results.

Through techniques and strategies originally developed by Above Academy, the team learned how to:

  • increase energy and capacity levels and improve their stress resilience
  • reduce nervousness and tension, to become calmer communicators
  • improve and maintain personal mental and physical wellbeing, how to stay in an optimal, positive state when new projects arise
  • be more aware of their reactions and emotions during stressful periods
  • cope with challenges and stress

Specially selected accommodation on the Croatian seaside ensured the team truly felt the company's commitment and investment in them.

Result - increased energy levels, reduced stress and higher productivity

10 day post-programme, participants feedback showed that they:

  • had increased energy levels and felt less tension
  • were more emotionally balanced and positive
  • had clearer minds and felt their productivity increased
  • felt confident in contributing to a positive work environment
  • managed working under pressure and stress better

Getting back to the office with long lasting results that reflect in everyday work. Motivation, engagement and overall feeling of positivity.

Back in the office, the team returned to work with expanded energy and capacity levels, improved mental and physical wellbeing, and increased motivation.

The team was given confidence that their contribution to the company is extremely valuable and they absolutely felt invested in. As a result, both employees and the company have a stronger and more positive employee-employer relationship.

Programme benefits

More energy
Tension relief
Feeling calmer
Clearer mind
Positive work environment
Increased productivity
Better stress management
Improved problem solving
* based on data collected from participants

"The last weekend was amazing in Opatija with such great, young and positive people from Above Academy! The Recharge Programme gives you an opportunity to fully recharge and recover your body and mind. Also, it teaches us how to save our energy and how to expand our capacity for it. If you really want to reward your employees, for hard work and great results, give them this unforgettable experience! Thanks for everything!"

David Petkovic
Training and Development Specialist at OTP Bank Serbia
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