Who Am I?

The desire to grow and succeed in life is an aspect everyone can relate to. People have different ambitions in life, and they aspire to be better than others in what they wish to do or currently engage in.

What is introspection and why is it important?

The foremost step in order to grow and prosper, is introspection. It is the act of observing one’s own emotional and mental state. It is important to introspect in order to understand who we are as an individual and in order to know what we want and do not want in life.

Why do people not succeed in life as often as they should?

People often do not achieve the success that they aim for due to possible focus on the not important factors. Individuals majorly do not maintain a balance their physical and mental health which proves to be a major reason why success, as desired, is not achieved.

Why do people who have the potential to succeed in life still struggle?

The focus here is not the potential a person has to do something, but indeed her/his ‘capacity’ to use that potential to achieve success. Potential and capacity can be considered different sides of the same coin, but it is indeed a person’s capacity which helps them utilize their potential to get desired success.

What is capacity? How is it any different from potential?

Capacity, in simple terms is defined as an individual’s ability or power to do or understand something. Capacity can be mental, physical or emotional. Capacity and potential might sound similar in common conversations, but they are essentially different from each other. Potential can be defined as an unrealized ability that one currently possesses, whereas capacity is the current ability to do something.

Can capacity be increased?

Capacity is like a skill that can be created and polished over time. An increased capacity, irrespective of potential (high or low) in an individual, can work wonders if applied the right way. Capacity forms the connecting bridge between the potential that individuals possess and the success they are looking to achieve. Potential used with the right capacity can lead to definite success.

What is the ‘Who Am I’ course?

At Above Academy, we believe that everyone is capable of accomplishing what they want, and we want to be able to help people identify who they are, and improve their capacity and energy in order to bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be, so we designed and introduced the ‘Who Am I’ course

How does it benefit participants?

Every aspect of the course is centered at helping participants maintain the optimal balance between their physical and mental health in order to be to be more successful, to have an increased capacity and live a healthier lifestyle. The positive feedback we receive from our participants is what keeps us committed to do what we do, and motivated to do it better every day, as we know that our services are serving the purpose for which they were designed. One of the unique features of this course is that before the course ends, participants are advised about what they can do on their own in order to increase their capacity, increase their positivity and live a healthier lifestyle. This really instills a confidence in our clients’ hearts about Above Academy’s commitment and seriousness to make the world a healthier place!

How is it different from any other courses?

The course is different in the following ways:

1) The workshops conducted in the course are highly interactive and within group workshops, individual personal attention is paid to participants.

2) Our coaches take participants through workshops and guide them through the segments in a way that participants get to understand and pay the right focus on their current characteristics and identify their right potentials and capacities and thus become more aware.

3) The course is a fusion of knowledge as it takes the relevant information from fields such as epigenetics and ancient Chinese healing medicine practice, to combine and use them accordingly.

4) Once the participants review what they are made of and which elements they comprise of, they have a better understanding of themselves, and can use their own resources to develop and increase factors they need help with and be the best version of themselves!

5) Following the individual segments and guidance in the workshops of the course, participants really feel substantial changes in themselves, and project those positive changes towards others.

6) This course will open new doors and avenues for you, and you will have a new vision and highly positive can-do attitude. When all the necessary elements are positive and aligned, dreams can be turned into reality!

Course details

The course is designed for convenience purposes and is hosted over the weekend, so participants have ease of attending the course. With 2 workshops, conducted on Saturdays and Sundays totaling 6 hours a week (3 hours per workshop), the course is ideal for young professionals, young entrepreneurs and even students looking to understand how to utilize their potential and abilities through energy capacity expansion.

*Get to know the real you and achieve the success you want with the unique ‘Who am I’ course with Above Academy!