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Our services proactively support the health of your company and prevent burnout. Protect your people investment today and ensure your business continues to thrive from hire to retire.

It's the season to Recharge! Gather your team for a corporate retreat with a custom-designed programme to help them become stress resilient and more efficient. Teams return to work full of energy, creative ideas, and ready for new challenges.

Get recharged

Reenergise teams to become happier, healthier, and more productive with the Above Team Building programme. By focusing on raising health awareness and increasing morale, our experts will motivate and encourage groups with a fun, relaxing, and educational itinerary.

Team up & rise above

Discover your potential and increase your stress resilience level. Tailor-made coaching services are suitable for business leaders, team managers, key potential employees, entrepreneurs and young professionals. Whether you attend in person or online, our experts guide you through individual or group sessions.

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Creating healthy workplaces is a journey. Our Wellbeing Strategy & Assessment services can help no matter where you are in the process. From assessing your company's wellbeing landscape to providing comprehensive strategies that proactively target employee health, we'll work with you to build and maintain a healthy workplace.

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06.10  – 08.10.2023.

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Energised and Motivated

Rewarding hard work with wellbeing - a combo that can't be beat. So how did three companies from different industries go all out to de-stress and increase morale?

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New Corporate Culture

Who doesn't love a win-win situation? Find out what this top financial institution combined to get the most out of their Recharge Programme experience.

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Our approach

Our goal is to provide wellbeing education, training solutions and consulting services that support companies in building healthy workplaces. Our unique, comprehensive approach is proven to deliver results and benefits individuals, teams and companies.
Above Academy's trained specialists have over 15 years of experience in the field of corporate wellbeing. Hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals have been motivated to achieve their potential and level up their energy, and continue to do so with ongoing support.

A word from our clients

  • Marija Mijatović
    Director of Human Resources and Organization Department, Addiko Bank
    Our personalised 3-day offsite Recharge Programme on the Croatian coast was a unique experience. The team felt de-stressed, learned a lot about stress resilience , and also raised our energy and capacity levels. We could see the effects through changes among our teammates weeks after the Programme ended; they are full of energy and ready for the new challenges. Recharge Programme should be part of every company’s wellbeing strategy.
  • Eurobank Direktna
    Human Resources Division
    Above Assessment contributed to our activities aimed at recognizing and focusing our resources to wellbeing initiatives that will positively impact employees as well as the entire company and business.
  • Jill McMillan
    Director, Jill McMillan Associates - Leadership Development Consultancy
    I would recommend the Recharge Programme to any business leader who wants to manage their wellbeing and energy at the same time as providing clarity, focus and inspiration to others around them. For me it is an essential part of leading yourself and others well and is truly worth the investment.
  • Joze Mermal
    Chairman of the Board, BTC
    The Recharge Programme is the real answer to the needs of my team for something special - new energy and knowledge about themselves. We think we have enough strength and energy, but reality proves otherwise. After attending the Recharge Programme, I'm confident that I'll be more focused professionally, will fulfil my daily obligations more effectively and will make the right strategic decisions necessary for a successful company.
  • Charles Smee
    Founder and CEO of Transaction Focus
    The Recharge Programme enhances mental and physical wellbeing, which in turn improves positive energy levels. This is key for improving staff productivity.
  • Harald Posch
    Head of Group Human Resources & Services, HETA Asset Resolution
    "In the first half of our lives, we sacrifice our health to earn money, in the second half we sacrifice our money to regain health. And during that time, health and life will go away. " (Voltaire)

    If you want to do better and raise your awareness I advise you to cooperate with Above Academy.
  • Bela Csaki
    Chief Executive Officer, HETA Asset Resolution
    Managers usually work under pressure. During busy and stressful times, we pay less attention to living a balanced life. Above Academy's unique Recharge Programme provides not only several days fully focused on resting, relaxing and energising the body and mind in a marvelous environment but also shows the way to an enriched quality of life.
  • Miroslav Blazevic
    Football coach, World cup 98 bronze medal, Head coach of 5 national and 24 club teams
    Mark my words. We would have been champions of the world if this programme existed back in the day!
    This I guarantee you! I am happy—and a bit jealous—that today’s leaders can provide their people with such a programme, one that puts tremendous energy into the recovery phase and gives you increased capacity to become the best at what you do in life!


Addiko Bank
HETA Asset Resolution
Raiffeisen Bank
OTP Bank Group
Societe Generale
Wienerberger AG


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    With the numerous business benefits that result from team building events, companies are increasingly using them to supplement their employee experience and create healthy workplaces. Team building with a purpose is where it's at. 

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    There's a newcomer in the C-suites of companies. Years in the making, the Chief Wellbeing Officer (CWO) is becoming a critical and welcomed position as businesses no longer underestimate the power of positive workplace wellbeing.

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